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Lesnick Committed to Kirtland
November 2, 2017 by Submitted | No Comments

Fellow residents of Kirtland. I am writing to express my sincere hope that on Nov. 7 you vote for my friend John Lesnick.

John is running for City Council at Large and I am convinced that John will make an excellent councilman.

Getting to know John Lesnick over the last several years, it is very apparent he has what it takes to ask the right questions and to help offer viable and sound solutions to the challenges that our city faces.

John seeks to help spur answers that will solve the city’s flat revenues and our road levy spending woes. He brings an experienced business mind and excellent deliberative spirit to any conversation.

Mr. Lesnick’s ability to reason and to keep a respectful tone during vigorous dialogue makes him the right kind of candidate, and will make him a great city councilman.

John will be committed to delving into the city’s budget and challenging the rest of us in city government to work together to move Kirtland forward.

Beyond my interaction with Mr. Lesnick on issues of government and policy, I consider John to be a good friend. John is a longtime resident and parishioner at Divine Word parish. It is always my pleasure to see John, his wife Allee and children at Sunday mass. It is clear that John’s commitment to his family and his church are second to none. I know that John Lesnick will bring the same dedication to our City Council.

On Tuesday, I respectfully ask the voters of Kirtland to elect John Lesnick to Kirtland City Council.


Kevin Potter

Councilman- Ward 1


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